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Aspenleaf Homes is a family-owned home building company which follows the time honored traditions of promoting good customer-builder relations and fine craftsmanship. We believe building you a home should be a personal experience. We understand that a home isn’t truly your own until you had it customized to suit your needs and lifestyle.

At Aspenleaf Homes you will have direct access to everyone on our staff from the company owner to the sales manager to the construction team. Choose from our various floorplans and customize them or simply bring us a home design you would like us to build. We take great pride in building your new home so you can take pride in owning it!

Contact us by: Our Sales Team
Q. Can Aspenleaf Homes provide me with references of recent buyers/occupants?
A. Absolutely! Our Sales Office is located at the Sharon Park community in Fort Washington, where three newly built homes are already occupied by our happy customers. Please call our office to schedule an appointment and we'll provide you with references from our recent buyers.
Q. Does the builder offer a warranty program?
A. Aspenleaf offers a one year builder backed warranty in addition to ten year homeowner's and five year termite warranties. We also offer a pre-construction orientation, pre-drywall/electrical, pre-settlement and one year post settlement builder inspections.
Q. Can appliances be up- or down-graded?
A. You are welcome to upgrade appliances or get a credit for a standard appliance package and supply your own.
Q. Does the price include landscaping? What if the plants die within a year?
A. Our home prices include a landscape package. If the plants die within a year and it was determined that they died through no fault of the homeowner (i.e you watered them or didn't accidentally poison them), we will be happy to replace them.
What are the estimated taxes on the property?
  Your estimated property taxes will be part of your good faith estimate from your lender prior to loan commitment. Taxes vary from community to community based on the value of the home and a particular jurisdiction.
Q. I already own a lot. Can Aspenleaf Homes build me a home on my lot?
A. Absolutely. We can build either one of our standard home types or custom plan of your choice. Please call our office to schedule an appointment with Ms. Emily Samoy and she will be happy to discuss your vision of your new home.
Q. What makes Aspenleaf Homes different from other home building companies in the greater Washington metropolitan area?
A. The fact that we are a small company and you will know us personally as we build your home. You are welcome to stop by any time during the construction process and walk the home with us to check our work. You are encouraged to pose any questions you may have while the house is under construction. Unlike larger, corporate builders in the area, with Aspenleaf Homes you will have direct access to the construction site and builder, Mr. Darryl Snider, and his team.
Q. How long will it take for my home to be completed once you break ground?
A. From the point of sale, it takes about 9 to12 months for Aspenleaf Homes to build you a superior quality home. Generally, we are able to complete homes in a timely manner, but due to delays caused by weather, and other unforeseen factors, we are not able to give an accurate completion date until we are about 30 days from finishing your home.
Q. Why is no one working on my house today?
A. This may be because of crew schedules, supply delays, permit or inspection delays, or bad weather. There may be several days when no crew is working on your home, and there may be days where several crews are working. This is completely normal.
Q. Can I make changes once my home is under construction?
A. Aspenleaf Homes has a detailed purchasing and production system that is dependent on the way your home was originally purchased. Changes can affect material availability, engineering requirements, and blueprints required by local building departments. Although we are as flexible as possible to accommodate our customers, we ask that you make all changes at the point of sale and not once your home is placed under construction.
Q. What are the effects of weather on my home's building materials?
A. Almost every new home gets rained on while it’s being built. The effects of weather generally don’t affect the integrity or strength of the home, and cosmetic effects are covered by drywall and paint. Any serious problems will be identified and corrected as part of the inspection process.